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Technical Support

Kaon Receiver - Fault Diagnosis

  1. Power (Stand By)
  2. OK
  3. Channel (up/down) and Volume (left/right) controls
  4. Menu
  5. Exit
  6. VFD


    Card Slot (Note direction card should be inserted)

    Customer Issue Fault Customer Action
    Continuous 'No Signal' message on screen No satellite cable connected, or LNB faulty, or Dish has moved off

    Where possible, the Customer should confirm that the satellite cable is connected.

    For all other issues, this fault Requires an Engineer Site Visit.

    Log a Fault Call via the TurfTV Helpdesk, +44 (1902) 625260

    'No Signal / No Access' message on screen.


    Pixelating/Square blocks on picture

    Marginal signal level., possible poor dish setup.

    May also be shown if there is insufficient signal strength, particularly in heavy rain.

    Requires Engineer Site Visit if weather conditions are normal. Log a Fault Call via the TurfTV Helpdesk, +44 (1902) 625260

    In high winds, or very heavy rain, wait until weather returns to normal, then recheck TurfTV service prior to reporting a fault.

    If TurfTV gives a regular intermittent service, the customer is advised to request an Engineer Site Visit to assess the problem.

    Note: This is not the same as a “snowy” picture, which occurs with RF Aerial distribution systems.

    All RF or TV related Call Outs are chargeable to the Customer

    Continuous 'No Access' message on screen

    (1) It’s possible the box has locked up.

    (2) Card & Receiver have not been authorised at installation

    (3) If the card has been checked by the TurfTV Helpdesk, &  the power cycle (option 1 above) doesn’t fix the problem, then the Kaon Receiver is faulty

    Open the flap on the front-right of the TurfTV receiver and remove the viewing card, screen message will change to “No Card”, wait 10 secs, then reinsert the card (chip up).

    Log a Fault Call via the TurfTV Helpdesk, +44 (1902) 625260. The Helpdesk will provide telephone support & authorise the card if required.

    The Helpdesk may identify that the receiver is faulty and pass on the call for an engineer Site Visit.

    An engineer will then attend and exchange the faulty receiver with a replacement.
    'No Card' message on screen

    No Turf TV card inserted or Card inserted upside down

    SKY card inserted in error

    Insert Turf Tv Card (Green)
    Check that the Turf TV Card has been inserted the correct way up (with the chip upwards, see diagram)

    Check that a Sky card has not been inserted in the Kaon box in error

    'Incorrect Card' message on screen

    Card & Receiver are not authorised, or a replacement TurfTV card has been inserted.

    Replace the original card into the unit, or have the replacement card authorised

    Log a Fault Call via the TurfTV Helpdesk, +44 (1902) 625260

    Note: A Sky card will not operate with a TurfTV receiver

    'Easy Installation' message on screen

    Receiver has not been fully installed, & needs the setup to be completed.

    If you wish , the setup can be completed by shop staff over the phone in around 15 minutes, via the TurfTV Helpdesk, +44 (1902) 625260.

    Otherwise, Log a Fault Call for an engineer visit.

    No TurfTV Picture

    Black Screen

    Blue Screen

    Snowy Picture

    TurfTV Receiver not switched on or (more likely):-

    Television not tuned for TurfTV

    Television on wrong TV channel or in AV mode.

    Problem with shop RF distribution system, ie Have you lost ALL TV pictures ??

    Ensure TurfTV Kaon Receiver & the TV screen are switched on & connected to the mains power.

    Using the correct Television remote control handset, select the appropriate TV channel or mode.

    Note: The TurfTV picture is a digital service & cannot produce a “snowy” picture, which occurs with RF Aerial distribution systems.

    All RF or TV related Call Outs are chargeable to the Customer

    No/Low Audio Volume on receiver turned down

    Press the button to the right of the OK button on the receiver to turn the volume to max. When pressed a volume bar will be displayed on screen, ensure the bar is up as far as it can to the right.

    Remote Control not working Flat Batteries, or batteries incorrectly fitted

    Ensure batteries are correctly fitted, replace with new if necessary.

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